PMC launches new LED navigation light control

(VANCOUVER, British Columbia) — Prime Mover Controls Inc. (PMC) has announced the release of the PMC series 8014 LED navigation light control, a compact, control, alarm and monitoring system for single, twin single, or dual style LED navigation light fixtures.

The display unit contains all push buttons and audible/visual indicators required for monitoring and control functions. Illuminated push buttons are provided for individual lamp on-off control, group functions, primary and secondary power source selection, dimming control, and test/silence. Dimming control of all panel back lighting and indicators is provided for viewing in conditions ranging from direct sunlight to night operations. An internal horn is provided for audible indication of all faults.

The control unit is connected to the display unit by serial communication. All navigation light fixture connections are made at the control unit. The internal control circuitry monitors the fixtures for failure or wire breakage. Fixture "running hour" monitoring can be enabled to provide notification of the calculated end of useful life of the LED array. On primary lamp failure, there is automatic transfer to secondary lamp for duplex fixtures. Input power is similarly monitored for availability and failure; transfer to secondary power will automatically occur on primary power failure. All fuses for power inputs and lamp outputs are front replaceable, without disassembly/opening of the control unit.

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By Professional Mariner Staff