PMA honors Foss Line Service for safety, zero injuries

(SEATTLE) — Last week, the Pacific Maritime Association honored Foss Line Service for a zero injury rate and first place in safety at the 75th annual PMA safety awards. Accepting the awards were Zach Vetter, Foss Line Service manager, and Casey Johnson, line superintendent for Foss Maritime.

In 2022, Foss Line Service ensured everyone stayed safe on every single job.

“I would like to thank our line superintendents for making sure everyone is safe during all our line jobs,” Vetter said. “They work very well with the longshoremen and ensuring their safety. I am very proud of our team, and we are going to make certain to maintain this standard of safety. I want to acknowledge Monte Crowley as well since he was in this role the majority of last year.”

Foss Line Service completed 1,551 jobs, serviced 775 ships and hired 10,610 line handlers in 2022.

– Foss Maritime

Foss Maritime photo
By Rich Miller