Planus: a new name in marine toilet production with more than twenty years experience

 The following is a press release from Planus S.p.A.:

Civita Castellana, Italy  24th September 2009: we would like to inform you that Planus is a new marine toilet manufacturer but its management comes from more than twenty years experience in this field. We are a specialised company and our team is well known in the market. You can find all information on our website:

We keep the occasion to give you information on our management:

Marco  Giovannini, President
In the year 1986 devised and constructed the  first toilet, called “Saninautico”, with the Vortex system for marine  applications, creating a market for his new toilet system amongst  customers who had previously preferred alternative systems.

Cristiano De Santis, Sales &  Marketing     
In the year 1992 began collaborating  with Marco Giovannini in the role  of  sales operator, later  becoming Sales Director up to 2006 and taking care of OEM’s relationship  and the worldwide distribution.

Alessio Presti, Project Manager  In the year 2000 began  collaboration with Marco Giovannini, as Project Manager and he is head  of our Technical Office which,  through the use of the most modern technologies of engineering and computer simulation, designs and develops new products, and directly collaborate  with shipyards in planning on board plants up to the finished installation  and subsequent testing.

Angelo Tagliaferri, Production  Manager         
In the year 2000 began collaboration with Marco  Giovannini, as Production Manager.

Our toilets are indicated for all kind of luxury yachts and they have high performances, easy operating, reliable and with a very silent operation. The functioning cycle is completely automatic and eliminates wastewater by a high-performance Vortex pump that allows a wastewater’s drainage up to a height of 9 mt (29 feet) and a distance of 80 mt (262 feet). These characteristics give great freedom of choice in the routing of the pipes (always fundamental for sanitation pipes system on a boat). The turbine drainage system due to its revolving speed, enables a complete fragmentation of the organic residues, thus avoiding any possibility of clogging.

The basis of our knowledge is due to the continuous support we supply directly to the shipyard and on board, and to our constant adaptation to the needs of the customers, we have all features to become a market leader. We have also introduced many news, someone to have a larger range of toilets and coordinated bathroom suites, others to improve the quality and the reliability, moreover we designed a new flush switch, called “Family”, with a homely design for a greater simplicity and ease of use (in addition to traditional control panels). We list below all main news:

Planus produces a large programme of marine toilets and you can find all information about our production in our web site:

By Professional Mariner Staff