Piracy Solutions – The root of the problem

The ocean cover the two third of earth and high sea does not belong to anyone, and criminal pirates have access to move freely and unrestrictedly around the entire ocean. During the past twelve months Piracy has been found a big threat for shipping trade and related 286 incidents off the coast of Somalia occurred with 714 seafarers being held for ransom.
The culture of earning by unfair means of piracy has deepened once the small evils went unchecked it slowly became a big challenge for the whole world. It is also apprehended that a day will come when people will stop to adopt this profession and we may lose a talented and skilled force to sail our vessels and to run the world trade.
International community sometimes faces new problems in bringing pirates to the court of law for punishment as the act is often performed outside the jurisdiction of sea boundaries of any state where the law of the state either may not apply or does not permit to take any legal action. There is need to develop capacity of states in the piracy infested regions to punish those who commit piracy and armed robbery against the ships.
It has also been realized that solution to all these problems are at land and not at sea alone. Piracy will further flourish and can not be stopped by applying force only and these measures are more expensive and difficult to sustain for long term basis. For viable long-term solution we have no alternate except to detect the root causes and to address the vital issues with all the seriousness it deserves. We have to fight piracy if we have sincere collaboration with an effective Somalian government. The gangs of pirates are often more powerful than government. It is pertinent to strengthen the government machinery and to develop their capability to fight with the masterminds of the pirates, stop the incoming routes from where they get sophisticated weapons for this evil act. According to some peoples of Somalia piracy is an reaction to an illegal fishing and dumping of toxic wastes in their water, where as a stable and effective government will also take control to all these issues to secure them. Somalian government will establish a land and sea based stations in collaboration with international communities and organizations for surveillance and monitoring process. Every step shall be made to eliminate corruption among government organizations by providing better facilities for their livelihood. There is need to conduct a research study on behavior of Somalian people, to alleviate poverty, strengthen government infrastructure, establish effective governance and rule of law, providing better opportunities for employment and develop an effective and meaningful collaboration with the international organizations, and setting priorities for short and long term planning measures both at sea and land.
By Professional Mariner Staff