Ocean Services completes DP2 conversion

SEATTLE, WASH. October 26, 2009 Ocean Services, a member of the Stabbert Maritime Group of Companies has recently completed the 85m X 18m DPII deep-sea construction vessel, Ocean Carrier. Built as a multi functional platform, the Ocean Carrier is a valuable asset to the offshore construction industry and went directly on contract upon completion of the refit.

The shipyard division of Stabbert Maritime, Stabbert Yacht & Ship, was contracted to assist in the refit and DP upgrades with Ocean Services managing the project oversight. Vice President of Commercial Operations, Neal Forde, said, “the Ocean Carrier is a landmark for Ocean Services as well as for the men and women of the Pacific Northwest and Stabbert Yacht & Ship. To my knowledge no other Seattle facility has undertaken a DPII installation and retrofit of a vessel of this scopeâ€. Time for conversion was 12 months and involved a 100 person crew working around the clock.

The Ocean Carrier’s DP conversion and refit process was an all-encompassing, technically intensive project where every system onboard was rebuilt or replaced. Primary characteristics of the Ocean Carrier include open deck space of 850 square meters, a 3.7m X 3.7m moon pool, total horsepower in excess of 12,000hp for running propulsion, dynamic positioning system and deep-sea construction equipment, and accommodations for over 50 personnel. Special emphasis was given to the active heave compensated hydraulic pedestal crane with a hook height of 35m and lifting capacity of 150t on single part line. Mike Woods, Owner of Puget Sound Hydraulics, and contractor on the job said, “the Ocean Carrier’s refit literally transformed the vessel into a technically advanced ship competitively comparable to new purpose built DPII vessels.â€

On DP sea trials the Ocean Carrier outperformed the DP capability plot and held within 4 tenths of a meter in 2 kts of current on the beam, 40 kts winds, and 2 meter swells. Stabbert Maritime’s holistic approach to vessel construction and operation allows them to fully undertake the construction, repair and operation of their vessels to better support their clients and the mission of the vessel. In the wake of the recession the Ocean Carrier represents an attractive platform to prudent investing offshore companies.

By Professional Mariner Staff