NY Waterway president: ‘We will keep our ferries floating’

The following is a statement from Arthur E. Imperatore, president of NY Waterway:

Like many businesses and many families in these difficult times, NY Waterway faces serious challenges. Let me be absolutely clear on this: We certainly can and will find a way to continue serving you. Many political leaders throughout the region recognize the important service we provide. We carry about 25,000 people more or less to work and for leisure every day. Also, it is universally known the value our ferries provide in emergencies. We are the largest rescue fleet in the region, maintained at no cost to the taxpayers.

I know our partners in government will find ways to work with us to keep this vital commuter service and this critically important emergency transportation link. Times are tough, but we will rise to this challenge as we have in the past:

When attacks on the World Trade Center knocked out PATH service in 1993 and on September 11, 2001, NY Waterway was there. We got you home, taking more than 150,000 people out of Manhattan on 9/11.

When a blackout closed all the Hudson River rail and vehicle tunnels in 2003, we got you home, taking another 160,000 people out of Manhattan August 13, 2003.

And when Flight 1549 crashed into the Hudson River on January 15, we were there, rescuing 142 passengers within minutes, rescuing them before they died of exposure in the icy waters.
And hundreds of other emergency happenings related to PATH breakdowns, threatened strikes, weather interruptions, etc. etc.

We will keep our ferries floating, to keep our 22-year commitment that we will always get you home—a commitment we love to keep!

Thanks for your continued support.


Arthur E. Imperatore

By Professional Mariner Staff