NMC seeks participants to review deck officer exam questions

(MARTINSBURG, W.Va.) — The National Maritime Center (NMC) is hosting an examination working group from April 12-14 to review U.S. Coast Guard deck officer exam questions related to piloting knowledge topics (chart plot) required by 46 CFR 11.910, and is soliciting participants.

Those desiring to participate should visit the Examinations page of the NMC website, open the Working Group tab, and follow the instructions. The complete schedule of upcoming sessions is also posted on the Examinations page.

To date, 13 engineering and 14 deck work group sessions have reviewed approximately 13,000 questions. A number of sessions were canceled due to lack of participation, and the sessions were put on hold during COVID. The NMC restarted sessions in November.

The Coast Guard needs participation and asks each mariner to consider attending working group sessions and/or spreading the word to encourage others to participate. This is your opportunity to be a proactive participant in shaping the mariner credentialing process.

– National Maritime Center

By Rich Miller