New training NVIC no longer requires rowing of lifeboat

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(WASHINGTON) — The assistant commandant for prevention policy (CG-5P) has published navigation and vessel inspection circular (NVIC) 01-24, “Guidelines for Qualification for National Endorsements for Lifeboatman and Lifeboatman-Limited and STCW Endorsements for Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Other Than Fast Rescue Boats and Proficiency in Survival Craft-Limited.”

This NVIC consolidates policy on national endorsements and STCW endorsements into a single document. With publication of NVIC 01-24, NVIC 04-14 is canceled.

Existing policy is largely unchanged by the new NVIC, with one very notable exception. The Coast Guard will no longer require practical demonstrations for the rowing of a lifeboat. The requirement to show knowledge of rowing through examination has not changed.

Training providers with approved courses for Lifeboatman and/or Proficiency in Survival Craft who wish to remove practical exercises involving the rowing of a lifeboat may do so immediately. This significant change will not require a request to modify the course based on the issuance of NVIC 01-24 and this bulletin.

Training providers should document the removal of practical exercises involving rowing of a lifeboat on the course record of change and incorporate the change into the course curriculum at the next renewal of the course approval.

Mariners and other interested parties should contact the Mariner Credentialing Program Policy Division at or (202) 372-2357 with any questions or feedback.

– U.S. Coast Guard

By Professional Mariner Staff