New OCENS SpotCast delivers weather forecasts directly to satellite phones

(SEATTLE) (April 2) — OCENS' new SpotCast is a worldwide weather delivery service designed specifically for satellite phones. SpotCast rapidly delivers well-crafted, multi-period weather forecasts across several weather variables in a condensed format.

SMS-capable satellite phones with built-in GPS positioning possess the essential architecture to request weather content, however, the low-bandwidth data capability of handheld satellite phones was previously an obstacle for delivery directly to the phone. OCENS SpotCast worldwide weather service overcomes this obstacle with its short-form weather reports that are generated automatically based on the device’s GPS position. SpotCast will also work with the inReach SE personal messaging and tracking device and virtually any smartphone with built in GPS.

Each SpotCast weather report is delivered within a few minutes and consists of a short text message containing four forecasts (in six-hour intervals) over a 24-hour period for the GPS location. A user may also request 48- and 72-hour forecasts. Each forecast contains a timestamp, converted to the local time zone, and includes up to six weather factors: total inches (or mm) of precipitation during each six-hour period, surface pressure in mb, cloud cover (as a percentage), air temperature (in F or C), wind direction (true), and wind speed in knots.

SpotCast is currently available for use with the following devices: Iridium 9575, Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro, inReach SE, and smartphones with GPS. To start using SpotCast, one must simply go to the OCENS website, enter the IMEI number of the device, and sign up for the service. For more information or to sign up, visit the OCENS SpotCast website,, or request more information by calling OCENS at (206) 878-8270, or email

With the use of a global satellite-based communications device, such as the Iridium 9575, IsatPhone Pro, and inReach SE, OCENS SpotCast places weather forecasts at your fingertips, anywhere in the world.

OCENS Inc. of Seattle is a satellite communications provider that is continuously innovating value-add voice and data solutions for maritime and land-based applications. More information on OCENS’ complete line of products can be found at

By Professional Mariner Staff