New MARAD Advisory on Somali Piracy

Yesterday, the US Maritime Administration (MARAD) issued Advisory 2010-09, Subject: Risk to Vessels Transiting High Risk Waters. After the reminder that US vessels operating in high risk waters are required to comply with the current version of the USCG’s Maritime Security Directory 104-6, the Advisory continues with a brief summary of Somali pirate operations (attacks with automatic weapons and RPGs have occurred in the Gulf of Ade; off the Somali coast up to 1,000 NM into the Western Indian Ocean; off of Kenya, Tanzania, the Seychelles, and the Maldives; and in the Southern Red Sea; with vessels successfully hijacked being forced to steam to the Somali coast to await ransoming).

Paragraph 7 of Advisory 2010-09 gets around to what I presume is the point of issuing an Advisory at this time—the ending of the monsoon season. “Vessel operators should anticipate an increase in piracy attacks from October through early December when weather conditions allow for small boat activity in the region.” The Advisory then advises vessels to register for access to the European Union Naval Forces website ( to obtain up-to-date information on the piracy situation in the region, and concludes with MARAD point of contact information. This Advisory cancels Advisory 2010-05 of March 29, 2010, which also dealt with Somali piracy.

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By Professional Mariner Staff