New association of mariner warranty surveyors makes its debut

The following is the text of a press release issued by the newly created International Association of Marine Warranty Surveyors:

(LONDON) — On Thursday 25 April 2013, at Lloyd’s of London, a new professional body– the International Association of Marine Warranty Surveyors (IAMWS) – was formally launched. Around 120 representatives from the energy insurance market together with brokers and oil company representatives attended a seminar to announce the aims and objectives of the new association.


This new body will assess and provide accreditation to practicing marine warranty surveyors from across the world to ensure they operate to an acknowledged minimum professional standard and code of ethics. The benefits of a common standard have increasingly been discussed by the offshore oil & gas industry, and IAMWS has been created to promote a consistent and robust level of service.


The IAMWS offers accreditation to individual practicing marine warranty surveyors (not companies) allowing them to become Certified Marine Warranty Surveyors (CMWS). To qualify, surveyors need to demonstrate that they are capable of performing to a set of minimum standards. They will undergo testing, continuing professional development and be subject to the rules of the Association. Certification is currently limited to offshore development projects (oil & gas) but plans exist to extend this to include rig moves, rig location and energy related heavy lift operations. IAMWS is an all-inclusive association and, to date, around 30 marine warranty surveyors have been accepted and certified. It is thought that around 800 marine warranty surveyors will apply for membership from around the globe.


As well as providing certification, IAMWS aims to serve as a technical forum to share ideas, best practice and lessons learned as well as holding seminars to promote open dialogue with underwriters, oil & gas companies, contractors and other stakeholders in major offshore oil and gas development projects.


Speaking at the launch, the inaugural IAMWS chairman, Steven Weiss said:


“This new association will give the insurance sector additional confidence that the marine warranty surveyors attending operations are equipped to do the job that is required. It will also provide a platform to enhance the dialogue and develop a much closer relationship between surveyors, underwriters and other stakeholders in the offshore energy sector.”


IAMWS an independent, not-for-profit professional body has been formed as an affiliate of the National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS Global), and will be governed by its own board, bylaws and committees. It was created by six founding members who are Braemar Offshore, GL Noble Denton, Global Maritime, London Offshore Consultants, MatthewsDaniel, and NAMS Global as well as representatives of the Joint Rig Committee. Its chairman is Steven Weiss who is VP at Liberty International Underwriters.

By Professional Mariner Staff