Need to look at the aging process for seamen

The article on page 30 of the June/July issue shows Captain Kevin McGonigle where he describes his experience as a “what happened!” You can look at him in the picture and see the aging process taking him over. Not that he is older than 49 but his whole personal health is beginning to show life’s strains. Time is catching up with him and he needs to know that. After about 45 we all have to start paying much closer attention to our health and where we are…physically and mentally… to survive. We are not cut in stone! I’m a retired engineer and I see similarities in that one event, though I don’t need to go on about it.
What I suggest is an article(s) in PM about the life of a seaman, his health standards over his career and what to expect from the aging process. A life at sea is ardurous at best. That reflects in the number of deaths that have occured as you have reported. After about 45 we all need to realize that we have to begin rehab’ing ourselves every day due to the aging process, which we know speeds up after 50. Thats all. Good luck to the Captain.
By Professional Mariner Staff