NCB/PMI Announce New Training Course

The National Cargo Bureau and the Pacific Maritime Institute are pleased to announce the following course:
Course Name:  Beyond Basic Stability  Trim
Course Overview:  This Workshop is for those who want and need more practical working knowledge with regard to managing a vessel’s stability and trim of cargo vessels. This Workshop will be offered by the author of Stability and Trim for the Ship’s Officer, William E. George. With William George’s methods all you really need is the vessel’s hydrostatic table, capacity plan, a simple calculator and a few sheets of paper. Participants will be able to eliminate the “trial and error” methods now used with loading computers by employing these direct “Old School Methods” covered in the workshop.
All participants who attend the first offering of this workshop will receive an autographed copy of Stability and Trim for the Ship’s Officer, 4th Edition.

Dates:  June 1-3, 2011                        

To learn more about this course and to view our comprehensive flyer, please click on the following hyperlink.  Beyond Basic Stability Trim

For further information or to register for a PMI Course, please contact Ms. Jennifer Pitzen toll free at (888) 893-7829 or via e-mail at  
By Professional Mariner Staff