MTNW retires LCI-80 line control display, transitions to LCI-80x

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(SEATTLE) (Feb. 5) — As of today, MTNW is discontinuing sales of its LCI-80 line control display. Technical support and service will continue to be available for in-service equipment. The LCI-80 will be replaced by the next generation LCI-80x rugged programmable controller.

A successful member of our display product group, the LCI-80 reinforced the brand's reputation: rugged, high performance, high visibility, marine duty.

Designed as a replacement for panel meters and analog gauges in rotational sensor applications, the LCI-80 displays line speed and payout parameters on a signature bright, crisp electroluminescent (EL) display.

With success in the wireline and oceanographic markets, customers requested the LCI-80 for platform other extreme applications.

Taking this into consideration, MTNW designed the LCI-80x rugged programmable controller (RPC) for a broad array of harsh applications.

The LCI-80x offers the same compact footprint, sealed stainless-steel pushbuttons and faceplate as the LCI-80, but with significant upgrades under the hood such as more I/O, state of the art processor, networking and USB data logging capabilities.

Multiple versions of the LCI-80x will be offered, including a standard user interface for rotational sensor applications, along with additional versions preconfigured for common monitoring applications.

For additional information on the new LCI-80x RPC and other MTNW products, visit or contact MTNW at or 206-634-1308.


By Professional Mariner Staff