Milbros issues personal protective equipment guidelines

The following is the text of a news release from Milbros:

(STAMFORD, Conn.) — Q88 LLC announced today that the Milbros platform now includes personal protective equipment (PPE) recommendations for all cargoes.

The use of proper PPE by crewmembers is a requirement of international regulations and safety guidelines including the IBC Code, Tanker Safety Guide Chemicals and International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals (ISGOTT).

These new PPE recommendations are based on hazards of each individual cargo and the exposure risk based on the area/activity the crew will be working. Milbros has evaluated over 12,000 cargoes and has prepared easy to understand recommendations for the ship to reference along with information provided in their safety management system (SMS).

Features include PPE category for each cargo based on health hazards and routes of exposure; PPE level of protection based on PPE category and area/activity the crew will be working; cargo hazards indicated — toxic, corrosive, flammable; and recommendations for having poison antidote and decontamination kits on board.

Capt. Soren Ibsen, vice president, said, "We have spent close to a year working with a number of chemical/oil majors and technical managers, most closely with Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Singapore), on this project. Identifying the correct cargo-specific PPE has been a huge gap in the tanker industry and felt it necessary to take on the monumental task of evaluating over 12,000 cargoes. We are confident that this new set of features will give crews clear guidance on what PPE to wear and when to wear it."

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By Professional Mariner Staff