Metal Shark delivers new response boats to Coast Guard in Alaska

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The following is text of a news release from the U.S. Coast Guard:

(ANCHORAGE, Alaska) — Coast Guard boat stations in Alaska received new response boats this summer as part of the service's initiative to replace older response boats that have reached the end of their planned service life.

Five new 29-foot response boat-smalls, also known as response boat-small IIs, were delivered to the Coast Guard's 17th District beginning in May.

Station Ketchikan received two new boats May 17, Station Valdez received one June 19 and Station Juneau received two June 27.

"We are very excited about acquiring these new boats, and the improved capabilities they offer," said Chief Warrant Officer Seth Carter, station and small boat manager for the 17th District in Juneau. "Our crews will use these new boats to provide enhanced support to the Alaskan communities they serve."

The new boats provide high-speed, easily deployable platforms needed to execute a full range of Coast Guard missions close to shore. Crews will operate these boats in coastal waters to handle missions including search and rescue, law enforcement, ports, waterways and coastal security, drug and migrant interdiction and environmental protection and response. The new boats were designed with an increased emphasis on ergonomics and crew comfort.

The Coast Guard contracted Metal Shark Aluminum Boats in September 2011 to replace the 25-foot response boat-small Defender-class platforms. Initial delivery began in June 2012. 

By Professional Mariner Staff