McMurdo launches PRISMA Connect for real-time fleet management

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(SAN DIEGO) — McMurdo has announced the launch of PRISMA Connect, a Web-based integrated fleet management system that connects ship to shore in real time for improved communication and operational efficiencies, as well as increased crew productivity with two-way messaging and electronic forms capture.

The system, which is based on proven Boatracs BTConnect and BTVessel software, is the first product announcement under McMurdo’s new suite of PRISMA (Preparation, Response, Identification, Surveillance, Management, Acceleration) software solutions.

PRISMA Connect enables end-to-end connectivity from workstations on shore to vessels at sea, on inland waterways, or anywhere in the world. In addition to vessel tracking, route planning and historical data and reporting, PRISMA Connect offers innovative software features including AIS plus weather for complete maritime domain awareness, electronic nautical charts from Transas for improved maritime navigation, and geofencing for compliance with protected or restricted zones. Real-time visibility to vessels is delivered through automated mapping.

“This solution has really helped us reduce man-hours for our operations,” said W.D. “Butch” Bazer, operations manager at Aries Marine, a Gulf of Mexico operator of self-elevating workboats and supply vessels. “We no longer have to rely on slow processes like manually writing orders and communicating by handing notes to each other. Electronic forms and reports are sent real time via email in PDF format. I can also now track my vessels anywhere, even on my iPhone when I’m away from the office. We even communicated with a vessel during a hurricane. This is the most reliable service I’ve ever seen."

“With PRISMA Connect, McMurdo provides fleets of all sizes with heightened performance and increased responsiveness,” said Jonas Olsen, maritime domain awareness business unit manager of McMurdo. “We’ve streamlined our service by integrating proven BTConnect and BTVessel ship and shore-based interfaces, respectively, into a single solution under the PRISMA software platform. This will give our customers improved operational efficiencies through seamless communication and transmission of data from ship to shore."

McMurdo provides the world’s only complete, end-to-end emergency readiness and response platform including distress beacons, search and rescue satellite infrastructure, mission control and rescue coordination centers and maritime domain awareness solutions including coastal surveillance and vessel monitoring systems. McMurdo was recently named as the official safety beacon partner of the hit reality series “Deadliest Catch."

McMurdo acquired Boatracs in 2012.


By Professional Mariner Staff