Markey outfits Harley Marine's latest tug project

(SEATTLE) — Markey Machinery is preparing to outfit Harley Marine’s latest tug project with two sets of bow and aft winches. The Robert Allen Ltd. designed Lela Franco and Michelle Sloan, being built at Diversified Marine in Portland Oregon, are named after the CEO of Harley Marnie’s wife Lela and a longtime family friend Michelle. The Lela Franco and Michelle Sloan are 80 foot tractor tugs with approximately 5,200 horsepower and a 65 tons bollard pull. They are expected to be delivered in early 2015. These tugs will be the fifth and sixth newly built tractor tugs added to the Harley Marine Service fleet in less than two years. The vessels will enhance Harley Marine's ship assist and tanker escort business by bringing more horsepower and presence to the market.

The two winch suite on the Lela Franco and Michelle Sloan consist of the Markey Machinery DEPC-48, 50 HP hawser winch and DEPC-32, 20 HP aft deck winch. The DEPC-48 electric hawser winch, with encoder for continuous stall capability and designed for lead line off the top of the drum, has a drum capacity for up to 500 feet of 9” Spectra type line and a rated performance of 28,000 pounds at 54 feet per minute. The air-set and air-released brake is capable of holding 612,900 pounds. Included in the package is the time tested Markey Machinery Render/Recover ® feature. This feature provides the Captain with the ability to switch the winch into Render/Recover ® mode at which point the winch will then automatically render and recover line at adjustable tension, within the high-speed range. This feature allows the Captain to keep both hands, and 100% of his attention, on the controls and the assisted vessel while maneuvering or repositioning the tug. When it is time for the tug to apply steering-force, the Captain has only to set the main drum brake. The design also features NexGen® winch controls which incorporates a revolutionary new Automatic Power Assisted Freewheel mode or A_PAF. The A_PAF works automatically to dampen drum motion while freewheeling and operates the clutch automatically by reacting to drum speed. Tethered higher speed tug maneuvers can be accommodated without the need for the tug operator to manually clutch out and clutch back in– further enabling hand-free operation of the winch and enhancing safer tug operations. The added Line Tension Display, mounted in the wheelhouse, displays full-time active line-tension when drum brake is set. These features clearly make this a state of the art winch system.

The electric aft winch is the Markey model DEPC-32 which runs on a 20 HP Nema-B Marine Duty Motor capable of stall torques of 150% of rated torque. The DEPC-32 has a drum capacity of 250 feet of 6.5” Spectra line and a rated pull of 11,350 pounds at 50 feet per minute. It also has a total brake capacity of 214,000 pounds and with both local and remote controls, the DEPC-32 is built with safety in mind by minimizing the need for “hands on the line”, reducing the risk of active line handling by crew members. With high braking capacity and fast line speeds, the DEPC-32 is a powerful machine, in a compact design.

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By Professional Mariner Staff