Marine CFO official to speak on Subchapter M technologies at transportation conference

The following is the text of a press release issued by Marine CFO:


(NEW ORLEANS) — MarineCFO has confirmed that it’s Chief Technology Officer, Dean Shoultz, is slated to present the  defining work “SubChapter M: How USCG Rulemaking Spawned MTS Innovative Technologies” at the TRB-CMTS Research & Development Conference being held in the Great Hall of the National Academy of Sciences (Washington DC) from June 21-23, 2016.  The TRB-CMTS Research & Development Conference is held annually to highlight original works specific to the improvement of the American Maritime Transportation System.  United States Secretary of Transportation, Norman Mineta, will deliver the keynote.

A leading figure in the maritime technology field since the 1990s, Mr. Shoultz founded MarineCFO in 2007 to commercialize the marine related intellectual property of parent company Advanced Software Development (ASD).  With the 2013 acquisition of ASD by SaaS powerhouse, VerticaLive, Mr. Shoultz assumed his current role as Chief Technology Officer of both VerticaLive and MarineCFO.

“MarineCFO has established itself as a technology thought leader in the workboat and maritime industry. The MarineCFO mission is to empower workboat operators with Vessel Enterprise Resource Planning through sustainable shoreside and vessel data collection, tasking, and decision making tools”, Shoultz said,  “It’s been an accelerated upward trajectory for MarineCFO since 2013 because we have been able to refocus on research and development in preparation for SubChapter M”

The long anticipated Towing Vessel Inspection Rulemaking, or SubChapter M, is due to be published as Final Rule by June, 2016.  SubChapter M requires, among other things, statutory safety inspections and safe manning requirements for nearly 5,000 towing vessels throughout the United States.  It is considered the single largest USCG prevention & enforcement action in a generation.

By Professional Mariner Staff