Making waves in the marine industry

Transas launches T-Bridge, the most innovative integrated bridge solution

Transas Marine has expanded its extensive product portfolio with the launch of the T-Bridge, the most advanced integrated navigation system where professional bridge equipment meets aviation, automation and even tablet technology.
The new Transas T-bridge brings together diverse systems into a single bridge environment, where data sources are combined to provide a full and clear picture to support efficient decision-making.

Solid, timely and pertinent access to all crucial information is the key to safe and secure navigation. Known for its cutting-edge transportation solutions and the world’s best ECDIS, Transas has designed a bridge solution to add further safety to navigation, to simplify bridge operations and to offer highest flexibility for customised bridge configurations, putting the operator at the heart of the system.

In limited visibility, congested or shallow waters, at night or in poor chart coverage areas, Transas Augmented Reality technology provides the ultimate picture: sensor input from the forward looking sonar, chart data or position and route data are integrated with live video of the surroundings. As the navigator sees a picture of the real surroundings combined with all relevant information on one screen, it becomes easier than ever before to make the most informed & optimal decisions.

Bringing aviation technology on board, Transas has integrated a powerful searchlight with camera and thermal imager into the bridge system allowing easy detection and identification of objects in virtually any visibility conditions.

A new level of wheelhouse automation based on the Transas Touch Interface will give the crew intuitive and consistent access to all automated information, and allow for the control of an interactive Transas Navi-Conning system, which can be custom configured to suit any bridge configuration.

To complement its innovative bridge solution and razor-sharp technology, Transas has developed an iPadtm application which is directly linked to the navigation system and gives access to the highly accurate navigational information related to the vessel, including, for example, position data, AIS targets, speed, course, water depth and a host of other information.

The T-Bridge from Transas will be presented at SMM 2014. Visit our stand B6.208 for demonstration and details.

By Professional Mariner Staff