Maine families file to hold TOTE fully liable in El Faro sinking

(JACKSONVILLE, Fla.) — The families of two Maine crewmembers who perished in the sinking of El Faro have joined legal efforts to block shipowner TOTE Maritime from limiting its liability in the incident, the Portland Press Herald reported. “This tragedy has been felt in Maine, Florida and throughout the maritime community. We do not think it is appropriate for any court to impose limitations on the shipowner’s liability or financial responsibility,” said attorney Benjamin Gideon, who represents the families of Dylan Meklin, 23, and Danielle Randolph, 34. Gideon’s filing on Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Jacksonville asserts that TOTE was responsible for allowing the cargo ship to navigate into the path of Hurricane Joaquin while in an unseaworthy condition and overloaded with freight. It also states that the limited liability fund of $15 million is inadequate.

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By Professional Mariner Staff