LNG America, Buffalo Marine sign bunkering deal

The following is the text of a news release from LNG America:

(HOUSTON) — LNG America announces an agreement with Buffalo Marine Service Inc. (Buffalo Marine) to cooperate on the design of an LNG bunker fuel network for the U.S. Gulf Coast region.

LNG America is developing a hub-and-spoke delivery system for LNG as fuel for the marine market and other high horsepower applications. Ultimately, LNG America will establish a robust delivery infrastructure to ensure the secure and safe delivery of LNG as fuel in major U.S. ports. Buffalo Marine is one of the premier bunkering companies in the Gulf of Mexico with over 50 vessels dedicated to bunkering in the region.

The agreement will incorporate Buffalo Marine’s logistical, commercial and administrative expertise regarding bunkering operations with LNG America’s experience with LNG as fuel for high horsepower applications; understanding of the emerging demand for LNG as a bunker fuel; and overall business-development efforts related to LNG bunkering.

“Combining the bunkering experience of Buffalo Marine with our LNG experience and our progress toward building the infrastructure necessary to support LNG bunkering will help us to provide the best possible service to the emerging LNG-fueled marine customers while using the best safety practices available from both industries,” said Keith Meyer, president and CEO of LNG America.

“Bunkering LNG in North America presents a unique opportunity for shippers — a cost-effective, readily available and extraordinarily clean fuel,” said Patrick Studdert, president of Buffalo Marine Service. “Our decades of bunkering experience in the region will mix well with LNG America’s LNG expertise in order to ensure safe adoption and use of LNG as a marine fuel.”

About LNG America

LNG America’s mission is to build the required infrastructure for distributing LNG to the high-horsepower fuel market, bringing value, experience, and a ready supply source of LNG. The LNG America "distributed LNG" program is designed to facilitate the environmental and economic benefits of natural gas, in the form of LNG, to gain appreciable market share in the marine and other high-horsepower fuel markets. LNG America is the bridge between the natural gas industry and high-horsepower industries demanding clean and economic fuel.

About Buffalo Marine Service Inc.

Buffalo Marine Service is the most experienced bunker transportation company in the United States. In the last half century this premier marine transportation company has grown from a fleet of two small capacity bunker barges to over 50 vessels; the majority of which are dedicated to high-volume, coriolos-metered accuracy transfers of vessel fuels. Buffalo Marine has recently modified its bunker fleet in anticipation of the January 2015 0.1 percent sulfur limit within the North American emission control area (ECA) and currently possesses the largest volume of segregated bunker fuel capacity in the region.

By Professional Mariner Staff