Lloyd’s Register issues green passport to new Crowley barge

the Crowley barge 650-3 [Courtesy Lloyd’s Register Americas, Inc.]

Lloyd’s Register North America, Inc. has issued a Green Passport to the Crowley Petroleum Services barge 650-3 that was recently christened in Mobile, Alabama, for entry into the company’s US coastwise service. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) issued Guidelines on Ship Recycling to improve the standards of safety and reduce environmental pollution resulting from the scrapping of ships in 2003. The guidelines introduced the concept of the Green Passport, which is essentially an inventory of materials present in a ship’s structure, systems, and equipment that may be hazardous to health or the environment.
With environmental issues a priority in the minds of port authorities and governments, obtaining a Green Passport is one way in which responsible shipowners can demonstrate a proactive stance on ensuring safety and preserving the environment. The Green Passport for the 650-3 is among the first to be issued to a vessel in the US fleet. The Green Passport is also the first to be issued to a tank barge by Lloyd’s Register in North America.
The Green Passport is a historical record of the materials onboard a vessel which may be hazardous to human health or to the environment and is an valuable tool for developing a hazard management strategy and assessing liability from shipbuilding to ship breaking. One of the biggest advantages of the Green Passport is improving safety in operations, by ensuring that the ship’s crew are aware of the potentially hazardous materials onboard and that proper attention is paid to hazard and safety management systems. The Green Passport is regularly updated and maintained and is eventually passed by the owner to the ship recycling yard at the end of the ship’s life, to enable the yard to formulate a safe and environmentally sound way of breaking the ship.  
“We enrolled the barge 650-3 in the Green Passport program to demonstrate Crowley’s core value of safety; specifically, the company’s commitment to safeguarding the environment and recognizing potential hazards,” says Captain Victor Goldberg, Vice President of Operations for Crowley Petroleum Services. 
“Lloyd’s Register is pleased to work with diligent shipowners to ensure their vessels remain safe for the environment and for human life,” says Rick Ferraro, Business Development Manager for Lloyd’s Register North America and Account Manager for Crowley. “We applaud Crowley for its decision to obtain the Green Passport for the barge 650-3 and look forward to being part of its ongoing commitment to the safety of human life and good environmental stewardship.”

By Professional Mariner Staff