L-3 Klein Receives Full Acceptance of HarborGuard® Waterside Security System

L-3 Klein is pleased to announce that we have received extremely positive feedback from one of our major customers relative to Klein’s HarborGuard® System and its attaining all contractual and technical expectations.  The HarborGuard® System is an integral part of a security system that has been installed in multiple ports with communication to multiple Coast Guard vessels.  L-3 Klein’s HarborGuard® System has been augmented to integrate a number of our small target radars as well as a myriad of camera locations.  Our customer was, “impressed with the performance of L-3 Klein’s  HarborGuard® System and sonar integration.† This system is now commissioned and accepted.
This is only one of a number of on-going projects at L-3 Klein.  As you know L-3 Klein’s Harbor Guard® System is based on a layered approach that allows the customer the ability to detect, assess and deter threats.  Since we use a layered approach we can add sensors in multiple quantities based on security requirements and the area being protected.  The backbone of the L-3 Klein HarborGuard® System is the RadarProTM Small Target Detection Radar.  RadarProTM is capable of detecting and tracking swimmers, small watercraft as well as other targets of interest with minimal operator intervention.
The L-3 Klein HarborGuard® Security System is suitable for either fixed or mobile applications, has proven itself in both configurations and is currently operational in a number of ports, on a number of oil engineering/production platforms, and is protecting some very critical infrastructure sites.
By Professional Mariner Staff