KVH offers affordable offshore broadband

The following is a press release from KVH TracPhone:

When you’re going out to sea, you need an affordable satellite phone you can trust – KVH’s TracPhone(R) FB150 with Inmarsat FleetBroadband service. With KVH’s exciting introductory Inmarsat FleetBroadband airtime plans, commercial mariners can control costs and maximize revenue with real-time broadband data that enhances the efficiency of maritime operations. Responding to the growing demand for affordable broadband communications at sea, KVH is offering airtime plans as low as $59 per month, and other hardware and airtime packages that include the option to get a free TracPhone FB150 antenna. Our new plans make it easy for you to bring the TracPhone FB150 and other FleetBroadband systems onboard your boat, at the best prices around! Available to all FleetBroadband customers, these affordable plans offer several benefits to mariners:

* Plans start as low as $59 per month for up to 50 minutes of voice or 5 MB of data

* You have the option to pay for 1 month at a time, with no rollover between months, or a full 12 months in advance with the total number of minutes/megabytes paid for available for use at any time during the 12 months

* Enjoy voice calls as low as $0.79 per minute; data as low as $7.95 per MB

* Take advantage of our affordable hardware leases, including free TracPhone FB150 hardware which can be combined with these plans

Download the FleetBroadband airtime rate sheet now! In addition to these promotional packages, you can still purchase Inmarsat airtime from KVH at standard rates and take advantage of KVH’s hardware lease program. For more details, contact your preferred dealer or KVH’s Commercial Sales Manager. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Best regards, KVH Industries, Inc. Please be assured: KVH is committed to protecting your privacy at all times. We will not sell or share your information with any other company or organization.

By Professional Mariner Staff