Krill Systems supplies VFMMS to Island Tug and Barge

(BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Wash.) — Krill Systems Inc., leader in advanced vessel fuel measurement and monitoring systems (VFMMS), announces delivery, installation and successful sea trials of three more systems to Island Tug and Barge Ltd., out of Richmond, British Columbia. The newly fitted vessels: Island Scout, Island Brave and Cindy Mozel bring to a total six vessels fitted in the Island Tug and Barge fleet with Krill VFMMS, the others being Island Crown, Island Defender and Island Monarch, which were fitted about three years ago.

Island Tug and Barge Ltd. has a long history of marine transportation on the West Coast and beyond and is proud to claim a fleet of the most innovative and advanced vessels, in addition to a commitment to fleet renewal and modernization. Trading areas include waters from California to the Arctic and Island Tug and Barge remains the largest supplier of oil cargo transportation in western Canada. Today, the main focus of their operations concentrates on fuel delivery, underwater cable installations, general towing and barge services.

The Krill VFMMS systems installed on these vessels will measure and transmit fuel consumption data from two main engines and two generators on each vessel and transmit that data to a Krill Vessel Operations Center (VOC) installed at Island Tug and Barge headquarters.

Krill’s VOC collects the data from each vessel in the fleet and consolidates it into a single VOC database. The VOC database is continuously synchronized with all vessel databases in the fleet and provides a single overview of all vessel activity, in customizable format, delivered in near-real time, providing fleet managers a powerful tool to make the decisions needed to run a safe and efficient fleet operation. The Krill VOC system will collect data, analyze and deliver customized reports, in real time.

“Krill Systems Inc. is proud of the continuing confidence in Krill VFMMS expressed by Island Tug and Barge. An interesting side note to these latest fittings has been the strong demand for them by the vessels’ crews who like the fact that information about their voyages is automatically transmitted to head-office without their having to complete numerous forms manually,” says Brian Staton, vice president of sales and marketing. “One of the main features of the Krill system, that sets Krill apart, is a high level of design flexibility which allows Krill to respond to almost any requirement for onboard data collection, processing and transmission. An additional advantage is that Krill Systems are available ‘off the shelf,' modular and cost effective."

By Professional Mariner Staff