Kongsberg Remote Services now available through Vessel Insight

(KONGSBERG, Norway) — In the past weeks, Kongsberg has experienced an increase in the need for remote support and services to the maritime industry. Now, the group has made its Remote Services solution available to customers using Vessel Insight.

Kongsberg Remote Services is a tool for Kongsberg-certified engineers worldwide to connect to an installation – such as a vessel – upon customer request and provide remote support. When service engineers cannot inspect vessels physically, a practical alternative for customers is to use remote service sessions. To ensure that more customers can access this alternative, Kongsberg has enabled Remote Services on Kongsberg automation, navigation and bridge solutions using Vessel Insight.

“Customers who are using Vessel Insight will from now on be automatically enabled for Kongsberg’s Remote Services. That means expert assistance is available by agreement, and the experts will have a complete status overview of the situation on the Kongsberg systems on board the vessel from secure Kongsberg premises. That is of immediate value in the situation we are in, but also a major benefit for Vessel Insight users in the long term,” said Vigleik Takle, senior vice president, Kongsberg Digital.

Remote Services enables operational guidance, configuration, diagnosis and troubleshooting. Although the need for remote assistance increases significantly when engineers cannot board ships physically, there are many benefits to having Remote Services enabled on Vessel Insight in the long term. Remote Services enables vessel operators to minimize the number of service trips and thereby reduce operational costs, reduces time for fault finding via specialist remote support, reduces downtime for locations where service engineer access is difficult, and provides operational support and guidance.

“Enabling Remote Services on Vessel Insight gives Kongsberg the ability to provide more of our customers with assistance and support remotely. When our service engineers do not need to access the vessels physically, this brings major benefits to our customers – particularly at times when traveling is restricted. We are happy that by using Vessel Insight we can enable Remote Services for an extended number of customers,” said Martin Wien Fjell, executive vice president, Global Customer Support, Kongsberg Maritime.

Kongsberg Remote Services is built on a common technology platform for Kongsberg products. The system is designed to address the challenges of establishing a secure and reliable remote session to the vessel control system via satellite communications. All communications are authenticated and encrypted by the Kongsberg Global Secure Network.

More information can be found here.

By Professional Mariner Staff