Key findings and recommendations

The Logistics Management Institute audit of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy identified several shortcomings with the administration’s handling of sexual assault and harassment on campus. Among the key findings: 

  • Academy leadership and management do not present a unified message regarding sexual assault and sexual harassment.
  • Current sexual assault and sexual harassment programs tend to be reactive rather than based on a unified, strategic approach.
  • The emphasis on the academy’s core values is understated.  
  • Fear of retaliation and victim blaming that hinders intervention and reporting impedes progress toward addressing sexual assault and sexual harassment.
  • The academy and MarAd lack a program to ensure that shipping companies have adequate policies and procedures in place during Sea Year.  
  • Academy policies, guides and programs require improvements to fully prepare and support midshipmen for Sea Year.

Recommendations for changing the culture at Kings Point:

  • Build and align the academy’s leadership and management team across all levels of the institution.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive, multi-year sexual assault and sexual harassment prevention and response plan.
  • Develop a Sea Year credentialing program that will enable the academy and industry to maximize program effectiveness while maintaining the health and safety of midshipmen.
By Professional Mariner Staff