Jotun develops new NORSOK-approved offshore coating system

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(HOUSTON and SANDEFJORD, Norway) — Jotun has developed a new range of products that consists of the Barrier Smart Pack, Jotamastic Smart Pack HB and Hardtop One, which will be the world’s first NORSOK-approved solution for brush and roller application on power-tooled and waterjetted surfaces.

“Until now, offshore maintenance solutions were typically designed and tested in accordance with standards for new constructions,” said Lasse Isaksen, global concept director-offshore, Jotun. “This simply does not reflect the challenges that our customers experience when maintaining existing assets.

“For example, preparing a surface for coating application offshore is far more demanding than doing so in a yard. Poor preparation can lead to premature coating breakdown and shorter lifetimes than for standard products, resulting in an increased frequency of maintenance. With offshore maintenance being up to 10 to 15 times more expensive per square meter than it is in a yard, this is an added cost our customers can do without.

“That’s why this system, designed specifically for brush or roller application and passing the industry’s most stringent standards (NORSOK and ISO 20340), is so important. It delivers better coating integrity, longer maintenance intervals, enhanced efficiency, and, of course, real cost savings."

The three individual products have a range of key benefits: Barrier Smart Pack, a ceramically reinforced zinc rich epoxy primer, extends system lifetime while reducing surface preparation and application cost; Jotamastic Smart Pack HB delivers a high build, even thickness finish, is easy to apply and gives long-lasting protection in the harshest environments; and Hardtop One offers all the benefits of a two-component high-quality polysiloxane coating in a single component polysiloxane coating.

“We work closely with our customers across the world to gain an intimate understanding of their operations, challenges and needs for new solutions,” Isaksen said. “This is an industry like no other, and it requires systems that are customized to meet the most demanding conditions, both environmentally and commercially.

“Jotun’s new maintenance range showcases both our understanding of that, and an on-going commitment to practical innovations, harnessing technology to deliver powerful benefits. This is an important step forward for us, our customers, and the efficiency, quality and success of essential oil and gas maintenance routines,” said Isaksen.

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By Professional Mariner Staff