John Deere offers powerful new marine engine

Now available from John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) is the new PowerTech 6.8L marine propulsion engine. The newest marine engine offered by John Deere, the 6068SFM75 offers up to 298 kW (400 hp), where before the 6.8L engine topped out at 300 hp.

“We are very happy to be able to offer our marine customers an expanded lineup of marine propulsion engines with more and higher horsepower ratings,” said Carl Micu, sales product manager for JDPS.

The 6.8L marine engine is available in M1 through M5 ratings. At M5, its highest rating, the 6.8L offers 298 kW (400 hp) at 2800 rpm and consumes 77.6 liters of fuel per hour (20.5 gallons) at full load rated speed. The M5 rating is for marine applications that operate 300 hours or less per year, and is most suitable for recreational applications.

The engine’s four other ratings, which are suited for both recreational and commercial applications, also offer increased horsepower.

The 6068SFM75 is a new marine engine design based on the heavy-duty John Deere off-highway PowerTech 6.8L engine used in John Deere agricultural and construction and forestry machines. This new engine model meets EPA Tier 2 and EU emissions requirements and is MARPOL Annex VI compliant.

“We designed the new 6068SFM75 to provide a high power output while maintaining the legendary long-term reliability our customers have come to expect from John Deere marine engines,” Micu said. “This new engine lives up to the reputation our marine engines have earned for rugged durability, fuel economy, quiet operation and ease of maintenance.”

By Professional Mariner Staff