International PRIMAR charts now available for Rose Point ECS

(REDMOND, Wash.) — Rose Point's international PRIMAR charts are now available for use with its commercial navigation software Rose Point ECS. Mariners now have a very convenient and cost-effective chart service for vessels using official electronic charts to navigate in international waters. Rose Point's easy-to-use chart service will instantly begin installing official international charts directly in Rose Point ECS with an Internet connection.

Compared to alternative chart providers, the Rose Point PRIMAR chart service is the most cost-effective for Rose Point ECS users because it dramatically reduces unnecessary chart purchases. Rose Point's chart service allows mariners to select and purchase only the charts they need for their entire route. Even if voyage reassignments are made underway, mariners can easily download additional charts as needed.

Every mariner needs the most current charts on board to ensure they can navigate their voyages safely and efficiently without incidents due to outdated chart data. Once Rose Point PRIMAR charts are installed, the built-in synchronization function reduces risks by continuing to keep charts up to date.

Rose Point PRIMAR charts are available now in the Rose Point ECS chart store. Pricing is comparable to other official international chart solutions and includes regular chart updates. All charts are official electronic charts and are widely recognized for their quality and ease of use. For more information, visit

By Professional Mariner Staff