Intermarine appoints Seeg Managing Director for Asia

Mr. Richard Seeg will act as Intermarine’s new Managing Director for Asia.

(NEW ORLEANS, LA — December 11, 2007) Intermarine, a heavy lift and project cargo transporter between North America, South America, and Asia, has taken steps to capitalize on the changing Asian trade scene and the emerging Chinese economy.

Recognizing the expanding scope and importance of its Far East, India and Gulf service, Intermarine recently appointed Mr. Richard Seeg to the position of Managing Director for Asia. Earlier this year Intermarine moved its Asian Headquarters office to the new Hong Yi Plaza in Shanghai’s central business district, where Seeg will continue to direct all aspects of the company’s Asian operations.

Originally from Massachusetts, Mr. Seeg holds a BS from Tufts University in Boston and an MBA from Tulane University in New Orleans.  He joined Intermarine in 1998 after serving as an officer in the US Navy.

In making the announcement, Intermarine’s CEO Andre Grikitis stated, “In the past year our Asian service, under the direction of Richard, has added nine vessels to the rotation, and it has become a leading provider of project transport. With continued growth on the horizon, this election is reflective of the leadership that Richard has exhibited and the dedication of the Intermarine personnel in Asia and North America.”

“We see new opportunities in the Asian market every day,” continued Grikitis. “These include the establishment of feeder services to support our primary long haul trade and expanding transshipment services from Asia to the Americas and elsewhere. In time we expect our Asian activity will equal that in the Americas.”

Intermarine has offices in Houston, New Orleans, Caracas, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Shanghai and Mumbai.

By Professional Mariner Staff