Imtra supplies array of new pilot boats, retrofits

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(NEW BEDFORD, Mass.) — Imtra, a leading manufacturer and importer of quality solutions and products for the marine, energy and transportation markets, was selected recently by multiple pilot boat organizations to supply equipment for newbuilds and retrofits.

The products selected include DHR navigation lights, which are easy to install and fully serviceable; high-powered Offshore Series deck lighting, ideal for increasing visibility and the safety of the crew; Norsap chairs that are ergonomic, great for extended missions and custom-built to meet the precise needs of each pilot organization; and windshield wipers designed for continuous, heavy-duty use and vital for the conditions these mariners must face.

“Pilots face one of the most challenging and demanding jobs in the marine industry,” said Alex Larsen, vice president of commercial sales, Imtra. “They are on call 24 hours a day, rain or shine to safely guide in cruise ship passengers and billions of dollars worth of cargo to some of the busiest ports in the world. We are honored to be trusted by these discerning individuals.”

Recent projects include:

The Brazos Santiago Pilots chose Exalto wipers and DHR navigation lights for its 64-foot Metal Shark boat. Brazos Santiago Pilots is responsible for the Port of Brownsville and Port Isabel in Texas.

The Charleston Branch Pilots Association in South Carolina recently refit its vessels Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter with DHR navigation lights and Offshore Series LED deck lights.

The Lake Charles Pilots, responsible for the busy Calcasieu Ship Channel in Louisiana, selected Offshore Series LED deck lights for its vessel Cameron Pilot II.

The Los Angeles Pilot Service chose Libra doors, BCM and IML interior and courtesy lighting, as well as Offshore Series LED deck lights and Exalto wipers for its two new 56-foot Vigor pilot boats.

The Association of Maryland Pilots has commissioned two new vessels from Gladding-Hearn to be delivered in late 2020 and early 2021. These vessels will include Norsap chairs, Offshore Series LED deck lights, DHR navigation lights, Exalto wipers and BCM interior lighting.

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Sabine Pilots is serving the shipping industry and the public ports of Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange, Texas, as well as the private oil terminals and the industrial complexes of Southeast Texas. The pilots have chosen Norsap chairs, DHR navigation lights and searchlights, high-output engine room lighting and Decca straight-line wipers for their new Breaux’s Bay Craft 85-footer, expected to deliver later this year.

The San Francisco Bar Pilots updated its pilot vessel Drake with DHR navigation lights. The San Francisco pilots are tasked with safely and efficiently navigate the world’s largest ships through 160 miles of North America’s most challenging waterways.

The Southwest Alaska Pilots Association has updated the pilot vessel Emerald Island with Norsap chairs. The association is charged with the challenging task of the safe navigation of vessels on the waters of Icy Bay, Prince William Sound, Resurrection Bay, Kenai Fjords, Cook Inlet, and the Kodiak Island archipelago.

The Tampa Bay Pilots Association chose DHR navigation lights, Offshore Series LED deck lights, high-output LED engine room lights, Norsap chairs, Exalto wipers and an assortment of interior and chart illumination for its 54-foot vessel. The group’s area of responsibility includes the ports of Tampa, St. Petersburg and Manatee.

The Virginia Pilots Association selected Norsap chairs, Offshore Series LED deck lights, DHR navigation lights and Exalto wipers for upgrades to its vessel Hampton Roads and a new vessel being built by Gladding-Hearn to be delivered later this year.

“When it came time to update our equipment, we immediately went to Imtra,” said Leslie Head, station manager, Tampa Bay Pilots Association. “Our experience with the team, from technical support to customer service and shipping has always been top-notch. We are confident that the products we installed will meet our needs for years to come.”

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By Professional Mariner Staff