IMTRA stabilizers chosen for new Ocean Alexander yacht

(NEW BEDFORD, Mass.) — IMTRA, a leading manufacturer and importer of quality marine products, has announced that, through its partnership with Merritt Island Boat Works, the Ocean Alexander 70e will be the first production yacht in the U.S. to use the new Side-Power vector fins stabilizer system.

Traditional boat stabilizers are designed to reduce roll when a vessel is underway or at anchor. Side-Power stabilizer systems successfully provide dramatic role reduction that delivers the stable platform boaters want, without locking the boat into a fixed plane. Side-Power’s vector fins allow a vessel to bank naturally through a turn while keeping roll to a minimum, regardless of conditions or boat activity. This technology has advanced stabilization from a device that simply reduces seasickness, to a much more sophisticated system that analyzes data from multiple sources to provide the optimal positioning of the hull for comfort and performance.

Side-Power’s innovative CAN bus-based communications system detects the turning of a vessel and shifts the stability control from a gyroscope (and thus the horizontal plane) to an inclinometer, providing both faster turn response times and a more comfortable ride. This allows complete comfort no matter what the vessel is doing — whether turning, running or anchoring. With the addition of Side-Power’s control integration and advances in systems design, Ocean Alexander has created a sport boat like no other available on the market today.

Another advancement of the Side-Power stabilizers is its coordination with other onboard systems. For the Ocean Alexander 70e installation, IMTRA worked in conjunction with Volvo engineers — who produce the electronically controlled Volvo IPS drive systems for the vessel — to integrate the Side-Power stabilizers, ensuring the best total performance in terms of stability, fuel economy and speed.

“The combination of the Side-Power vector fins, and Volvo engines and IPS drive system installed on our 70e results in a superior ride,” said Richard Allend, director of U.S. operations for Ocean Alexander. “We have incorporated the highest quality components to develop the most advanced-designed yacht in its class. This integrated systems approach safely increases the 70e’s top-end speed beyond our expectations, and provides unparalleled performance and comfort our customers will enjoy.”

“The Side-Power vector fins that we provide our customers are incredible pieces of technology and we are proud that they have been selected for use on the beautiful and forward-thinking Ocean Alexander 70e,” said Eric Braitmayer, CEO, IMTRA. “We are seeing tremendous advances in integration between stabilization and propulsion systems, with Side-Power leading the way. The vector fins provide a noticeably more enjoyable yachting experience and as such, they perfectly complement our entire range of high-quality marine products.”

Side-Power vector fins are ideally suited for vessels from 50 to 150 feet and are available through IMTRA’s network of marine retailers, shipyards and marine retrofitters throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, visit

By Professional Mariner Staff