IMTRA announces ongoing support of American Pilots Association

(NEW BEDFORD, Mass.) — IMTRA, a leading manufacturer and importer of quality marine products, has announced its ongoing support of members of the American Pilots Association. Providing authorized builders Offshore series LED deck lights, Colorlight searchlights, DHR navigation lights, Exalto and Roca windshield wipers, NorSap pilot chairs and Zipwake dynamic trim control systems, among other products, IMTRA is a supplier for pilot boat associations throughout the United States.

“Our boats operate in some of the most trying conditions any vessel can face, and they are counted on to perform flawlessly day in and day out,” said Ryan Bryant, port engineer for the Virginia Pilot Association. “The IMTRA-supplied equipment on our new Gladding-Hearn built boat, from the lighting to the windshield wipers and the seating, is pushed beyond the performance parameters of even the most extreme commercial equipment and have exceeded our expectations. In addition, the service and sales staff at IMTRA really listened to us about the unique challenges we face and developed solutions tailored to meet our needs. Every day our pilots are confident that they will be able to effectively do their job and get home safely.”

“These vessels have to handle a great deal of wear and tear,” said Alex Larsen, vice president of commercial sales, IMTRA. “As we’ve been told many times, pilots demand the best equipment. Because of the tempo of pilot operations, we’ve found that they are an ideal testbed for the durability of our products. Nothing causes a greater sense of pride than to have these individuals as lifelong customers.”

IMTRA supports the American Pilots Association and its unique member groups such as the Virginia Pilots Association and Southwest Alaska Pilots’ Association with product offerings for their pilot boats to increase functionality and longevity. Such products include DHR LED lighting, wipers and seating.

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By Professional Mariner Staff