Icebreaker damaged in collision with bulk carrier near Quebec City

(QUEBEC CITY) — A bulk carrier collided with a Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker on Saturday afternoon on the St. Lawrence River near Quebec City, temporarily halting maritime traffic, CBC News reported.

The bulker Federal Crimson struck the stern of CCGS Pierre Radisson near Sainte-Foy, not far from the two bridges connecting Quebec City to the South Shore. The incident happened while the icebreaker was escorting the cargo ship through the ice.

Federal Crimson, right, collided with the icebreaker CCGS Pierre Radisson, left, on Saturday near Quebec City. Andre Nadeau/CBC photo

The hull of CCGS Pierre Radisson was damaged but the vessel did not take on water, according to Marie-Eve Caron, spokeswoman for the Canadian Coast Guard. No injuries were reported.

The icebreaker anchored in St-Nicolas and will return to the Port of Quebec City for repairs. Transport Canada will be investigating the collision, Caron said.

By Rich Miller