Humphree launches heavy-duty interceptors for large power vessels


(VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.) — Humphree USA has introduced a new series of interceptor stabilizers designed for large and heavy planing vessels from 170 to 350 feet.

The HLS interceptors, which are mounted vertically on the transom, are available in sizes from 800 to 1,500 mm (31.5-59 inches) and have a powerful 110 mm (4.3 inch) blade stroke length. They are made of composite materials for optimum performance, corrosion resistance and light weight. The hydraulic-free systems are operated by a 24-V DC brushless electric motor.

“The interceptor blades respond very fast and with high precision to create lift forces to counteract vessel motions, resulting in higher speed through the water, improved acceleration and better visibility at the helm station,” said Sean Berrie, CEO of Humphree USA. “They produce a tremendous amount of lift force and very little drag, boosting vessel performance and reducing fuel consumption.”

The new heavy-duty interceptors, together with Humphree’s Active Ride Control, deliver fully automatic damping of roll and pitch motions while also optimizing trim, list and heel angles. The system uses an advanced digital controller with adaptive algorithms and sensors, including GPS, gyro and accelerometers, to measure 3D rate of turn and accelerations, and responds instantly to deploy the interceptor blades to offset vessel motions and give a smooth, steady ride, even in rough beam seas.

Berrie noted that the Humphree interceptors can be integrated with the company’s active fins to provide a complete all-electric stabilization solution across the entire speed spectrum from zero to 40-plus knots. At anchor, Humphree’s unique design allows the fins to rotate 180 degrees, preventing anchor-walk and keeping the bow pointing into the wind and reducing impact waves on the beam. Since the fins run on 12-V DC power, it’s not necessary to run a genset at night to maintain stabilization at anchor.

See the full range of Humphree stabilization systems at Booth 807B at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Oct. 31-Nov. 4.

By Professional Mariner Staff