Howden announces range of marine fans

(FAIRFIELD, Ohio) — Howden American Fan Co. has announced a wide range of fans for the challenging marine and offshore environments found aboard yachts, oil platforms, cruise ships and commercial vessels. Howden offers durable and corrosion-resistant fans for human habitability and machinery subcomponent systems, including cooling, exhaust, and combustion, as well as process functions.

With its years of experience in both commercial and military shipboard ventilation systems, Howden is focused on helping customers solve their ventilation issues by providing expert application and installation consultation, engineering service, and on-site equipment maintenance, service and support. Howden fan designs help improve air quality, reduce noise, and enhance overall safety.

Durable construction, high efficiency IEEE45 rated motors and suitable marine electrical connections, are critical characteristics for marine fan reliability. Howden fans combine corrosion and chemical resistance, thermal protection, and weathering performance. Their corrosion-resistant features can be further customized to include all stainless-steel construction or additional layers of corrosion protection to reduce maintenance in hard-to-reach areas or extend product lifetimes.

JM Tubeaxial Fans and JMG Vaneaxial Fans are ideal for engine room ventilation and accommodation room HVAC systems. They feature a robust design, superior corrosion resistance, and a direct drive motor. The JM and JMG fans include an adjustable pitch feature that gives users the flexibility to make any necessary changes to flow or pressure. Howden also offers cast aluminum centrifugal blowers including its AF line.

Howden’s marine experts offer finite element analysis (FEA) modeling, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) calculations and 3-D computer-aided drafting (CAD) to ensure the product conforms to customer needs.

Howden also supplies all required fan documentation, conducts performance, noise, and other testing, and offers on-site service, troubleshooting, and maintenance and repair of units.

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By Professional Mariner Staff