Harley's Earl W. Redd features Tier 4 power, Markey winches


(SEATTLE) — The latest addition to the Harley Marine fleet is now completing sea trials and preparing to enter service. M/V Earl W. Redd will be operated under the flag of the Olympic Tug & Barge unit of Harley. The 120-foot tractor tug, built by Diversified Marine Inc. in Portland, Ore., and named after the father of Diversified President Kurt Redd, is slated to enter service providing unrestricted coastal towing along the West Coast of the United States. Tier 4-compliant Caterpillar engines coupled to Rolls-Royce z-drives power the tug, delivering an expected bollard pull capability of 75 tons.

Harley Marine selected Markey Machinery to supply the deck equipment for this vessel. The tug is equipped with a two-winch suite of equipment consisting of a Markey TESD-34B-100HP double-drum electric towing winch, and a DEPC-48-50HP electric bow hawser winch with render/recover.

The TESD-34B-100HP towing winch is arranged to hold 2,500 feet of 2 1/4-inch diameter wire rope on the starboard drum, and 1,500 feet on the port drum. Barrel layer performance is rated at 193,000 pounds at stall; 129,000 pounds at 22 feet per minute; and 55,000 pounds at 43 fpm. The brake has a maximum holding capacity of 645,000 pounds. Powered by a 100-hp TENV inverter-duty electric motor controlled by a variable frequency drive, the winch can provide full torque at continuous stall. The winch also includes a hydraulically powered emergency “come home” drive motor in the event of electrical failure.

The DEPC-48-50HP bow hawser winch will hold 500-plus feet of 9-inch synthetic HMPE line in eight layers. The mid-drum (fifth layer) performance rating is 22,400 pounds at 100 fpm. Light-line (high speed) ranges from 107 to 291 fpm. Brake capacity exceeds 612,000 pounds. The winch utilizes Markey’s render/recover technology to allow tug positioning while automatically maintaining an adjustable inhaul/payout constant-tension on the line. It also includes a “freewheel” feature allowing for fast line payout or emergency escape.

In order to minimize the impact of below-deck equipment on available space, (along with system cost), the two winches share the 100-hp towing winch VFD drive panel, while having discrete wheelhouse controls for each winch. When the hawser winch is selected to operate, the VFD is programmed to supply 50-hp power and control to the winch’s 50-hp motor.

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By Professional Mariner Staff