Hansford Sensors launches new products for vibration monitoring

(INMAN, S.C.) — Hansford Sensors has launched a range of new products that enable engineers to bring greater efficiency to vibration monitoring in a range of applications. Among the new products are the latest 4-20mA transmitters, or loop powered sensors, the new M12 cable assemblies with protective conduits, and Snap On quick release cables.

With the capability of interfacing directly into PLC, BMS, or SCADA, the 4-20mA transmitters/loop powered sensors (LPS) are ideal for online monitoring. Using Hansford Sensors’ 4-20mA devices to measure lower value assets, such as fans and pumps, offers a cost-effective alternative when AC components are not required. 

Hansford Sensors also has added M12 cable assemblies with protective conduits and Snap On quick release cables to the product list. The HS-AC190 is the latest in Hansford Sensors’ series of cable assemblies for industrial applications. With two-pin MS connector and stainless-steel protective conduit, the assembly can withstand operating temperatures of up to 150 degrees with high levels of resistance to chemical attack, while Snap On quick release cables enable easier installation and maintenance.

Hansford Sensors vibration monitoring equipment is used to enhance efficiency across a wide range of applications, including metals, pharmaceuticals, wind power, marine, paper, mining and quarrying, food and beverage. For more information, visit www.hansfordsensors.com/us/

By Professional Mariner Staff