GOST releases Watch HD Internet video recorder

(FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.) — GOST (Global Ocean Security Technologies), celebrating its 10th year as a world leader in marine security, tracking, monitoring and video surveillance systems, has announced the release of its next-generation security video solution, the GOST Watch HD Internet video recorder (IVR).

This advanced video recording system features a 4 terabyte hard drive — designed specifically to capture and store video on a modern yacht — that is capable of continuously recording and storing 90 days of video from up to six cameras. The GOST Watch HD IVR system supports the highest resolution video recording from any GOST or third party analog cameras connected to the GOST Watch HD Analog-to-Digital Gateway (GWHD-A/D Gateway). Footage can be accessed locally on board the boat for viewing and downloading to a computer or USB thumb drive, or remotely via the GOST Watch HD password-protected website.

The secure GOST Watch HD Web portal offers user-friendly navigation aids with quick review, locate and calendar-lookup tools; time and date stamped video; as well as an easy-to-use file export utility. It includes a newly designed interface for accessing stored video footage quickly and easily. If Internet connectivity is lost or interrupted, users can also review footage via HDMI or VGA outputs on a boat’s TVs or multifunction displays (MFD).

“GOST’s clients demand a high level of excellence from the systems that protect their homes and businesses and expect the same perfection in the systems protecting their boat,” said Jay Keenan, president and CEO, GOST. “Our products are designed to prevent the loss of a vessel and/or equipment, and assist in the investigation after the fact, if necessary. With the release of our next generation GOST Watch HD IVR, we give our customers a robust and secure storage device, capable of saving the highest quality video from the most sources, all with an easy-to-use interface for intuitive access to recorded video.”

Video files are stored on the GOST Watch HD IVR system at the highest resolution produced — VGA RES (640 X 480) at up to 20 FPS using custom H.264/MJPEG dual codec decoding compression. For a maximum of six cameras, the frame rate can be reduced slightly to ensure required capacity. In cases where there is little activity in view of the camera being recorded, the maximum storage may be increased due to the use of H.264 compression. Connected directly, the GOST Watch HD IVR will collect video without using the bandwidth from onboard cellular or satellite-based Internet connections.

For more information on the new GOST Watch HD IVR, GOST or its full line of security products, contact info@gostglobal.com or visit www.gostglobal.com.

By Professional Mariner Staff