Geislinger shows Corporate Design Facelift at SMM

From September 7-10 2010, Geislinger will present itself in Hall3, booth A3.011 at the world’s leading marine trade show, the SMM in Hamburg. Beside the new comporate design, two new products will be the show highlight: the Geislinger Vdamp®XT and the Geislinger Genotorq.

Beside an evolution of the renowned torsional elastic, high damping Geislinger steel spring coupling, Geislinger will present two new products to enhance ist portfolio: The Vdamp®XT and the Genotorq. Both are tailored to the needs of power generation in the maritime and offshore industry.

The newly developed Vdamp®XT (extended lifetime) offers twice the lifetime at nearly the same size. An oil exchange system enables to double the service life. This unique Vdamp®XT feature helps to elongate the damper maintenance intervall and thus increases the genset uptime and reduces operation costs. After ending ist second life, the Vdamp®XT can be refurbished by Geislinger and will afterwards be ready for a second dual cycle.

The modular Geislinger Genotorq ist the second new development. With up to 64 kNm torque capacity and high overtorque capabilities the Genotorq is up to the most demanding marine and power generation requirements. Radial installation and easy exchange of the longlife elastomer elements are key features of this coupling. This user friendly design helps to lower service time and thus increase the system uptime. By different stiffness series and connection inferfaces the coupling can be easily adapted to different requirements.

Geislinger invites all visitors to inform themselves about tailor-made state of the art couplings, dampers and the unique Geislinger service in Hall 3, booth A3.011 at the SMM 2010.

By Professional Mariner Staff