Geislinger delivers its largest viscous damper: Vdamp® with 1.6 metres outer diameter

Large success for Geislinger – Vdamp® with 1.6 metres outer diameter

Geislinger GmbH, Hallwang, Austria, reports the delivery of its largest viscous type damper up to date.

Geislinger is known for their tuned torsional vibration dampers – commonly known as Geislinger Dampers. Just recently the company increased its product portfolio with viscous type dampers which are sold under the name Vdamp®.

As first success, Geislinger was able to outfit different 4-stroke engine families. Recently Geislinger delivered the mentioned damper for a 2-stroke application for a Korean built engine.

Due to a perfect project management, Geislinger reports a total time of only 19 working days between contract signature and delivery out of their Salzburg headquarters. Because of the perfect calculation with Geislinger’s own torsional vibration programs, it was also possible to achieve the “go-ahead†from the engine manufacturer and the class society DNV within the same time.

Geislinger is confident to strengthen its position as supplier for torsional vibration solutions even in rough seas and forecasts further projects based on to their support, quality and experience

Geislinger is a leading supplier of torsional vibration dampers and elastic couplings for high-output diesel and gas engines.

Foto1: Geislinger VB 160 in assembly hall

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