GE to provide electric propulsion systems for LNG carriers

(TOKYO) — GE’s Power Conversion business announced that it had received a new order from Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. for electric power and propulsion systems for two LNG carriers. The LNG carriers will be built for the purpose of transporting LNG from Louisiana. Their construction is scheduled to be completed from 2017 through 2018.

From the perspective of improved performance, electric propulsion technology is optimal for LNG carriers. GE’s induction-based propulsion motor technology and high output power pulse width modulation (PWM) technology improve reliability and help lower maintenance costs for vessels.

“GE has demonstrated a low-risk solution to KHI, showing professionalism in the execution plan and a high standard of quality control of their equipment which is the result of extensive experience in the supply of 65 dual-fuel diesel electric (DFDE) drive systems with induction technology for LNG carriers over the last decade. GE is happy to forge this new partnership with a key player in the marine industry showing its future commitment to Japanese customers,” said Paul English, marine business leader, GE Power Conversion.

The technology that GE Power Conversion has introduced to the maritime industry comes with an extensive track record and is currently used broadly for military, offshore vessels and cruise ships, which require optimum performance and power output in the several megawatt classes for electric power and propulsion efficiency.

Induction motor technology for the maritime industry was developed 16 years ago by GE Power Conversion for the U.S., U.K., and French navies. GE is one of the pioneers that use both high power induction motors and PWM for marine use. GE Power Conversion was the first company to deliver an electric propulsion motor system for the LNG vessel Gaz de France Energy in 2002, and has since been providing electric propulsion system equipment for LNG vessels for more than a decade. Since January 2012, it has won contracts to supply induction-based propulsion motor technology for 28 LNG carriers.

“This order is based on the result of Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ evaluation of GE’s induction motor technology and its extensive track record. While GE has many achievements abroad, this is the first order that we have received in Japan. We would like to seize this opportunity and deploy more proactive business initiatives in Japan,” said Yoichi Yamaki, regional manager, GE Power Conversion.

By Professional Mariner Staff