Furuno launches LH5000 loud hailer


(CAMAS, Wash.) — Being safe on the water means being alert and prepared for the unexpected. Mariners have VHF or SSB radio for instant two-way communication, a chartplotter to pinpoint exact position, and radar to alert them to hazards in the area. However, none of these are of much use when you need to draw attention to your vessel. This is when you need a loud hailer, the only tool at your disposal when you need to alert nearby vessels to your presence with no time to spare.

The new Furuno LH500 loud hailer has the power to immediately draw attention to your vessel by generating voice or any of its eight internationally acknowledged warning signals from the horns. This allows you to instantly notify nearby vessels of your presence and status regardless of limited visibility conditions, such as thick fog. The LH5000 uses up to six powerful horn speakers with an output power of 30 watts each.

The LH5000 also be connected to onboard intercom speakers. Because the intercom feature is a separate function of the LH5000, warning signals won't be transmitted through the dedicated two-way intercom speakers.

The LH5000 can gather distant sounds and amplify them through its built-in speaker. This feature, called listen back, is useful for the pilot to hear voices from the docks, deck, or even other nearby vessels. Other features include siren mode, which can be connected to the vessel's fire detection systems, and alarm mode, which is useful when it comes to theft detection. Mariners also can connect a CD player or radio to play high-volume audio through the horns and intercom speakers.

For more information on the LH5000, visit www.FurunoUSA.com.

By Professional Mariner Staff