Furuno equips new Seastreak high-speed ferry

(CAMAS, Wash.) — Last week, New York received a new ferry, complete with high-end appointments, a variety of modern entertainment features, and a comprehensive Furuno navigation system at the helm. Seastreak Commodore will offer daily high-speed (35-knot) commutes between the New Jersey shore and Manhattan as it goes into service this month.

The 148-foot Seastreak Commodore was built at the Gulf Craft LLC facility in Franklin, La. With room for 600 passengers, it is the highest capacity U.S. Coast Guard K-class high-speed ferry operating in the United States. Its design includes lighter, more powerful Rolls-Royce engines and updated propulsion systems, larger boarding station doors and gates to improve the flow of traffic for passengers, and a full suite of modern Furuno electronics. Passenger accommodations include 520 indoor seats with panoramic views and flat-screen televisions viewable from any seat, and 206 outdoor seats. Multiple charging stations, Wi-Fi Internet access and high-tech HVAC ensure a comfortable and well-appointed voyage.

Michael Matta, general manager from GMT Electronics Inc., selected the most advanced and latest Furuno equipment to ensure a seamless component interface and the safety of the passengers, crew, and vessel. At the helm, the Furuno FMD3200 ECDIS and dual Furuno FAR3220 chart radars with side conning capability make up the heart of a comprehensive navigational network. All of the navigator's crucial information is derived from a network of Furuno sensors. The GP170D Differential WAAS/GPS navigator provides highly accurate position information, while the SC70 satellite compass offers the high-precision heading a vessel of this class requires. The FE800 navigation echosounder displays clearance below the ship, while the FA170 Class A AIS keeps the navigator apprised of all AIS-equipped vessel traffic, coastal stations, and other aids to navigation within VHF range.

For more information, visit www.furuno.com.

By Professional Mariner Staff