Furuno BR500 Delivers Affordable, Reliable BNWAS Solution

Camas, WA – December 19, 2011 – On June 5th, 2009, the IMO adopted amendments making BNWAS (Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System) mandatory equipment for passenger and cargo vessels. The primary fitting date for most vessels (existing passenger vessels and cargo vessels of 3000+ GT) is July 12th, 2012. With this fitting date rapidly approaching, many skippers are looking for a comprehensive, reliable BNWAS system that not only meets IMO requirements, but also delivers a simplified, turn-key installation. With this in mind, Furuno is pleased to introduce its new, IMO-compliant BNWAS system, the Furuno BR500.
The BR500 is an alarm/alert system that monitors the watch officer’s presence on the bridge for casualty avoidance. The system will initiate a predetermined sequence of alarms if it senses inactivity on the bridge for a set period of time. Means of resetting the watch time include: operation of either ECDIS or Radar with appropriate outputs, pressing a timer reset button, or activating an optionally available IR motion sensor during normal bridge activity. Timer reset buttons should be accessible from the conning position and bridge wings, and the BR500 system may include up to six Timer Reset Panels, including watertight models for installation on open bridge wings. Up to three Flash Beacon indicators may be installed on the bridge, providing a visual indication of the alarm status. Additionally, up to two optional Motion Detectors may be installed on the bridge, capable of sensing human motion with their field of view and resetting the timer automatically.
If the OOW (Officer Of the Watch) doesn’t respond to the alarm, the system transfers the alarm to Cabin Panels installed in other areas of the vessel in order to inform backup officers of the OOW’s incapacity. Up to twelve Cabin Panels may be installed in these areas via Furuno’s single-cable installation method.
At its core, the Furuno BR500 consists of a Processor Unit and Main Alarm Panel. From these core units, the system can be expanded to facilitate the specific configuration required for any vessel to satisfy IMO requirements.
In addition to being fully IMO compliant and competitively priced, the Furuno BR500 offers a unique single-cable design that significantly reduces the difficulty of installation in the confined spaces of both retrofits and new builds alike. A single cable connects the processor to each of the compact peripheral devices in the system, making external panel placement very flexible. The Furuno single-cable design greatly simplifies installation, and is highly desired over other BNWAS hardware configurations, which may require connection of power, battery, sensors, and other control cables directly to the display unit. Because of Furuno’s single-wire design, certain panels may be installed via daisy-chain configuration for added simplicity and ease of installation. Additionally, The BR500 external processor is ideally sized, providing ample space to easily connect all cables while remaining small enough to install in a convenient, accessible location.
For more information on the BR500 or Furuno’s full line of award winning marine electronics, contact: Furuno U.S.A., 4400 N.W. Pacific Rim Blvd., Camas, WA 98607. Phone: (360) 834-9300. Online boaters can also check out Furuno U.S.A.’s Internet Web site (www.FurunoUSA.com). ###
By Professional Mariner Staff