FuelTrax Receives Type Approval from American Bureau of Shipping

Houston, Texas – 2008: Nautical Control Solutions, LP announced today that the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) has awarded a Type Approval certificate for its FuelTrax Marine Fuel Management system.
“This Type Approval is recognition that we are capable of consistently producing a product in compliance with applicable marine specifications,” said Anthony George, CEO of Nautical Control Solutions. “Each product is extensively tested to verify that it will perform reliably in the marine and offshore environment.”
“Both a Manufacturer’s Quality Assurance (MA) audit by ABS and a Product Design Assessment (PDA) certificate are required for Type Approval,” continued Mr. George.
“An MA shows that we have established procedures to satisfy ABS rules and that we consistently meet expected levels of quality. A PDA is an evaluation of the product itself that includes a design evaluation and/or testing of a prototype or a production unit. It examines design criteria and component robustness for suitability in marine applications. In order for FuelTrax to be Type Approved, we must have both a valid and current PDA and current MA. This is a rigorous process and one that we enthusiastically completed. It shows our commitment to this industry and to our customer’s success.”

About FuelTrax

Introduced in 2006, FuelTrax connects to various flow meters, sensors, and operating devices to capture fuel transfers, report tank levels, monitor consumption, track engine condition, and show vessel location so fleet owners can optimize performance. Captains use the data to check throttle settings for more economical operation based on current conditions. Maintenance crews use actual engine run times or fuel usage to optimize maintenance schedules, decreasing costs and increasing vessel availability. Operations can examine fuel trends to compare routes, crews, and technologies and ultimately connect fuel consumption to the actual work performed by a vessel. Visit www.fueltrax.com to learn more.

About Nautical Control Solutions, LP (NCS)

NCS focuses engineering talent and efforts on improving operations and reducing fuel usage on marine vessels. Drawing on 17 years of control systems design, development, and manufacture, its patented FuelTrax marine fuel management system is proven on vessels worldwide in both brown and blue water environments.

About the American Bureau of Shipping

ABS serves the public interest and the needs of their clients by promoting the security of life, property, and the environment primarily through the development and verification of standards for the design, construction, and operational maintenance of marine-related facilities. From its inception in 1862, setting safety standards for the marine industry has been the core commitment of ABS. This is achieved through the establishment and application of technical standards for the design, construction, and operational maintenance of ships and other marine structures. Visit www.eagle.org to learn more.
By Professional Mariner Staff