FUELTRAX launches FUELNET Trip Planner

(SPRING, Texas) — FUELTRAX's suite of smart vessel-tracking features has been designed to provide the full picture of your fleet’s movements. These features now include a new tool to empower you called FUELNET Trip Planner.

Like many of FUELTRAX's innovations, it initially was developed in close collaboration with a client. They requested a trip-building feature that would allow them to plan multi-stop trips and accurately estimate time of arrival (ETA) by monitoring real-time speed changes. FUELTRAX quickly worked on a solution and created an intuitive voyage planning tool that operates with the ease of Google Maps.

Here’s what you can expect:

• Accurate ETA monitoring: Track each vessel’s ETA to any location in real-time via the FUELNET map view to make fully informed deployment plans.

• Model custom ETAs: Compare current and custom vessel speeds side-by-side to see the impact on your ETA.

• Store your favorite locations: Quickly and easily draw ETA lines by clicking on the map or selecting one of your saved locations.

• Plan multi-stop journeys: Get a clear view of the arrival time at every stop along your vessel’s route with our multi-stop planning feature.

• Independent tracking: Follow reliable real-time location updates from the independent FUELTRAX tracking signal.

• 99 percent uptime: Enjoy pole-to-pole coverage and an uninterrupted satellite connection without relying on AIS or other tracking signals.

For more information, visit www.fueltrax.com.

By Professional Mariner Staff