Freighter breaks from moorings, strikes ships and barges

The following is the text of a press release issued by the U.S. Coast Guard:
(NEW ORLEANS) — Coast Guard Sector New Orleans received a mayday call at approximately 3 p.m. this afternoon from the 588-foot freight ship Sisnos Sun, which broke from it’s moorings near the Alabo Street Wharf  approximately three miles down-river from New Orleans. 

The Sisnos Sun first allided with the the 736-foot freight vessel W. H. Blount, which was heading down river, then drifted into the Elmwood Fleeting area where breaking free three barges. One barge, loaded with concrete, began to take on water and was pushed into a shallow area before it sank.  The Sisnos Sun then continued down river, drifting into the anchored freight ship Wisla and then allided with the the 599-foot motor vessel UBC Tornonto.  The Sisnos Sun was then taken to the general anchorage area 3 miles down river from New Olreans where it was anchored.

There are no reports of injury or pollution from the incident.  Coast Guard investigators are on scene to assess the damamge, as well as a pollution response team to evaluate if there was any incidental release of hazardous products.

***MEDIA NOTE: Video courtesy of Customs and Border Patrol is available.  Contact Lt. Cmdr. Cheri’ Ben-Iesau at (504) 810-3887 to obtain a copy.***


By Professional Mariner Staff